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Our commitment revolves around creating a secure, vibrant environment that fosters transformative growth and personal development.


You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.




With over 23 years in personal and team development, Jenn, a mother of six, draws from her gifts and profound life experiences to facilitate healing and mentorship.

Her transformative approach integrates freedom ministry, personal growth, and inner healing modalities.

Jenn uniquely supports leaders, from CEOs to entrepreneurs and families, fostering growth in careers, relationships, and faith.

Her programs are designed to create lasting freedom and generational legacies on a global scale.

Specializing in healing trauma, Jenn empowers individuals to overcome limitations and achieve fulfillment.

Join her in breaking free, embracing healing, and crafting a legacy of freedom and satisfaction for generations to come.


Amidst the depths of my childhood, I endured the dark shadows of sexual abuse, a trauma that cast a haunting shadow over my youth. The wounds of that experience echoed through the years, silently dictating my choices and relationships. At the age of 30, I confronted a second divorce, and left to single-handedly nurture six precious children.

My life's trajectory had been a solitary journey, forged in the crucible of independence, a path shaped by the echoes of that painful past. But amidst this tumultuous time, a revelation surfaced—the realization that my actions were often driven by survival instincts honed from that traumatic past. I stood trapped in a cycle I unwittingly perpetuated, drained and disillusioned.

It was in the depths of this exhaustion and despair that I found the courage to pivot. Desperate for change, I ventured into unfamiliar territory. The path ahead seemed daunting, challenging the very core of my being. Yet, in that crucible of transformation, I discovered a new sense of freedom and liberation.

This journey wasn’t just about escaping the shadows of the past; it became a testament to resilience, a beacon of hope for not just myself but for my children. A game changer! It marked the beginning of a journey towards healing and breaking free from the chains that bound me, steering my life towards a newfound sense of peace, purpose, and liberation.

"...since joining the program I no longer have the sense that I need fixing I gained the tools to heal...."


"...we are rewriting the generational legacy. Don't hesitate, this program is life changing! Your time is now. Do it!"

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