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In the chaos of modern life, uncertainties and unseen barriers can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. Our transformative services—Unveiled, Revealed, and Transformed—offer powerful solutions to these shared challenges.

"Unveiled" provides a two-hour coaching call, unlocking self-discovery for a clear path forward. "Revealed" breaks free from unseen forces, empowering intentional living and self-discovery in just five hours. For a comprehensive change, "Transformed" offers a four-month immersion, addressing feelings of being stuck and providing a commitment to a renewed self.

In a world of challenges, Unveiled, Revealed, and Transformed invite you to break free, unlock potential, and embark on a journey of profound transformation.

It’s Time To Love Yourself Again

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.

Embark on Your Transformative Odyssey with 'Unveiled,' 'Revealed,' and 'Transformed'! 🌟✨🚀

  • 'Unveiled': Unlock Confidence and Wisdom. 🌟
  • 'Revealed': Illuminate Your Path to Freedom with Personalized Coaching. ✨
  • 'Transformed': Experience a 4-Month Immersive Commitment to Self-Discovery. 🚀

Join us, unravel the past, and emerge empowered. Your transformative story begins here. 🌈


Unlock confidence with 'Unveiled': direction, clarity, obstacle resolution, and transformative wisdom awaits.


Embark on transformation, overcome resistance, and discover newfound freedom with our illuminating program.


Join us on this 4 month immersive, transformative journey! Our ultimate Be healed, be equipped and be empowered experience.                     

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With over 23 years in personal and team development, Jenn, a mother of six, draws from her gifts and profound life experiences to facilitate healing and mentorship.

Her transformative approach integrates freedom ministry, personal growth, and inner healing modalities.

Jenn uniquely supports leaders, from CEOs to entrepreneurs and families, fostering growth in careers, relationships, and faith.

Her programs are designed to create lasting freedom and generational legacies on a global scale.

Specializing in healing trauma, Jenn empowers individuals to overcome limitations and achieve fulfillment.

Join her in breaking free, embracing healing, and crafting a legacy of freedom and satisfaction for generations to come.

"...since joining the program I no longer have the sense that I need fixing I gained the tools to heal...."

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"...we are rewriting the generational legacy. Don't hesitate, this program is life changing! Your time is now. Do it!"

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Life unfolds uniquely for each of us, and the journey to self-discovery is an essential chapter. If you've ever felt the yearning for clarity, empowerment, and a profound shift, then consider the transformative odyssey of 'Unveiled,' 'Revealed,' and 'Transformed.' 🚀

"Unveiled" unlocks confidence and wisdom in a two-hour coaching call, guiding you to discover your true path. "Revealed" illuminates your path to freedom with up to five hours of personalized coaching, breaking through barriers to shape a life filled with purpose and abundance. Ready for unparalleled commitment? "Transformed" offers a 4-month immersive journey—an investment in your evolution.

So, is transcendental coaching for you? If you're seeking more than a program, craving an emotional connection with your truest self, and ready to navigate positive shifts, the answer is a resounding YES. Join us to unravel the past and emerge empowered. 🌈




  • Clarify Path: Transformative success 🌟 starts with a clear path.

  • Uncover Blocks: Identify hindrances, conquer them, and fuel growth.

  • Customized Steps: Rapid growth with personalized steps for professional success.

  • Uproot Barriers: 🚀 Effectively eliminate barriers to ensure seamless success.

  • Gain Wisdom: Unparalleled development fueled by gaining priceless wisdom. 

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  • 45 min Discovery Call: Identify barriers for rapid breakthrough.

  • Influence Clearing (2 Hours): Free yourself, gain clarity, shape intentional path.

  • Belief/Emotion Exploration (2 Hours): Dive deep, transform mindset, foster personal growth and resilience.

  • Total Coaching Hours: 5 Hours: Personalized coaching guides self-discovery, empowerment journey.

  • 🚀 Transformational Breakthrough: Shift perspective, experience profound breakthroughs, unlock full potential.

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  • Lifetime Access: 🌟 to the Be Healed, Be Equipped, Be Empowered Academy Training, including recordings.

  • 16 Weeks Voxer Access: Connect with your coach anytime for 16 weeks.

  • 16 Weeks Group Calls: Join Monday group coaching calls at 8pm central.

  • Private FB Group: 🌈 Additional support in a private Facebook group.

  • 11 Hours 1:1 Time: 🚀 With your facilitator, including 6 total 1:1 appointments.

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